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Session availability

Current as of 1 Jan 2024

Sessions: Image

Available Sessions for 2024

Re-opening 29th January 2024

  • Monday 9am 

  • Monday 11am

  • Tuesday 9am 

  • Tuesday 11am 

  • Wednesday 9am - Small Talk

  • Wednesday 11am 

  • Thursday 9am

  • Thursday 11am

  • Friday 9am

  • Friday 11am

Open Sessions

Have an Impact

Open sessions are free for any member to drop into (in addition to or instead of your set session). You are welcome to attend as many open sessions as you wish throughout the week.

  • Monday 1-5pm

  • Tuesday 1-5pm

  • Wednesday 1-5pm

  • Thursday 1-5pm

  • Friday 1-5pm

Sessions: Get Involved
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