2021 Member Information

Welcome to Woodend Playgroup! 

We are so happy to have you and your family join us, and we hope you enjoy being a part of our great community. Please take the time to read the below information to ensure you and your family get full enjoyment of our facilities.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee. You can do this by email, through the website, or via Facebook


What is Playgroup?

Playgroup provides a regular meeting place for our community’s young children and their parents. Members meet in small groups at the Playgroup centre where children and adults can enjoy indoor and outdoor play, catch ups and lots of fun.


Of course, this year Playgroup will look a little different - much like a lot of things at the moment. Woodend Playgroup is held within a council building, and so the way we do things at Playgroup needs to be in line with council guidelines. With regard to reducing the risks of COVID-19, we ask that you please adhere to the below protocols:

  • Please do not attend Playgroup if you or a member of your family is unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Please do not attend Playgroup if you or a member of your family has been in close contact with a confirmed case within the last 14 days.

  • Please sanitise your hands prior to entering Playgroup.

  • Please sign in every time you visit Playgroup using the QR code at the front entrance.

  • BYO toys is encouraged.

  • Outdoor play is encouraged.

  • Please don't share foods outside your family unit.

  • Please wash hands between activities.

  • Please sanitise toys before and after play.

  • Please sanitise surfaces before leaving Playgroup.

  • On departure members will also be required to empty bins and vacuum the floors.

  • The kitchen and bike shed will remain closed (however access to the kitchen is acceptable for accessing cleaning equipment, using the microwave to heat bottles or in the event of an emergency).

View our COVID-19 reopening plan.

Accessing Playgroup

This year, the key will be kept in the lock box at the front entrance of Playgroup. The code is 543.

The code for this lockbox will be changed each term - all members will be notified by email with the new code. Please do not share the lock box code with non-members.

The first member to arrive should locate the key and hang it on the hook inside Playgroup - near the toy storage room door. There can be a lot of chaos at Playgroup and by keeping the key here it reduces the chance of the key going missing!

The last person to leave should return the key to the lockbox. If the group directly after you arrives before you leave, you do not need to return the key, just ensure a member knows the key needs to be returned at the end of their session.

Please check and double check that both the security and glass door to the backyard (even if your group didn’t go outside) and the two front doors are locked before leaving the premises.


Woodend Playgroup is located at 45 Forest Street, Woodend. 

Members have access to a wide range of toys and play equipment at the centre (however this will be limited during COVID-19). This equipment has been provided through fundraising of many past members so please treat them with care and respect. 

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, the kitchen will remain closed until further notice. We are not able to provide tea and coffee as we usually would. Please only use the kitchen to access cleaning equipment, and if you require the microwave to heat bottles or in the event of an emergency.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the location of the first aid kit (in the kitchen) and all emergency equipment (such as fire extinguishers) during your first session at Playgroup.


Please stick to the session time assigned to you, and ensure that you have packed up and cleaned as required in time for the next session.

If your assigned session no longer suits you and your family, you are welcome to swap - please contact us to discuss.

In 2021 we will be holding an open session daily from 1pm-3pm. This session is open to all enrolled Woodend Playgroup families. The 20 people limit (excluding children under 12 months) applies, and all families must sign in.

Woodend Playgroup is open all year (COVID-19 permitting), with the exception of the Christmas/New Year period, which will be outlined closer to the time. We are closed on Code Red Fire Days and all public holidays. We are open during school holidays. 

NOTE: It is mandatory that you sign in to Playgroup each time you attend, using the QR code at the front entrance. This gives us an understanding of who is attending, and helps us to manage groups and potential new members. It will also serve to assist with contact tracing for COVID-19 if the need arises.


We ask that all members clean and tidy up after themselves and leave the premises ready for the next group, just as you would like to find it! 

You will find cleaning supplies in the red shopping basket on the kitchen bench.

After your group’s session, please ensure that: 

  • Your group sanitises all toys, surfaces and equipment before and after your session.  ​

  • The carpet in both play areas is vacuumed.

  • If your group uses the sandpit, please make sure the area is swept and sand removed from other areas, and all toys put away in crates.​

  • The kitchen and toilets are clean, this may include washing the floor if necessary. 

  • As our general waste bins are now collected fortnightly, please take dirty nappies home with you.

  • Bins (FOGO, recycling, and general waste) are to be emptied and a new liner placed in them.

  • Bins are collected on Wednesdays, so the Tuesday 3pm group will need to put the bins out for collection - as per the calendar in the kitchen noticeboard. 

  • The Wednesday morning group should bring the bins back in once they’ve been emptied. 

  • If there is a non-urgent maintenance issue please email Playgroup at woodendplaygroup@gmail.com. If there is an urgent maintenance issue (such as leak or power failure) please call Bec on 0452 429 070.

Social activities and fundraising

A great part of being a member of Woodend Playgroup is the opportunity to attend our great social functions! Unfortunately last year due to COVID-19 we were unable to run a lot of our regular events. All going well, we hope to run the following activities and events.

We have regular parents’ drinks at a local bar/restaurant on Friday evenings or family dinners on Friday nights at the Woodend RSL.

We also encourage parents to bring the kids along to Bush Playgroup sessions held twice a year on Saturday mornings at different locations in the Macedon Ranges. 

There is also a members' Christmas Party for the children with a sausage sizzle, jumping castle and entertainment. 

We have a number of fundraising activities throughout the year, like cake stalls and raffles, which we hope you will support by volunteering your time and/or baking skills. These events are advertised on the notice boards, our Facebook page and information sent out by email, and are discussed at the monthly meetings. A yearly events calendar is on the big notice board in the Playgroup foyer clearly marking all our fundraising events and Committee meeting dates. We'll also update the website.

Please take the time to see what’s happening at Playgroup as it’s a great way to get involved and meet new people. As a self-funded Playgroup any fundraising goes directly back into the Playgroup to benefit all the children. Your support is greatly appreciated at these times.

FUNDRAISING LEVY: We offer an $80 levy for families who find it easier to donate money rather than goods or services towards fundraising. Please email us if you require more details.

​Fees and insurance

Woodend Playgroup’s insurance is provided by Playgroup Victoria, and all members of Woodend Playgroup are encouraged to have Playgroup Victoria Family Membership, though it is not mandatory. 

Please respect that all Committee members are volunteers and parents and following up unpaid members is a time consuming task, and as such we ask each member to be prompt with payment and pay within the first two weeks of each semester or one yearly fee at the beginning of the year. 

If you do not pay your fees you will not be considered a member of Woodend Playgroup and therefore will not be covered by insurance, so will unfortunately not be able to attend playgroup. Your position in your session may be filled by other members.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we are able to assist you. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Playgroup. Please contact the Treasurer at woodendplaygroup@gmail.com.

2021 fee structure:

Full year $150 ($130 early bird*)

Full year concession** $110 ($100 early bird*)

Half year (Semester 1 or 2***) $80

Half year concession** $70

*Early bird closes 28 February 2021

**Must show proof of concession

***Semester 1: Feb–June Semester 2: July–Dec

Due dates

Early bird 28 February 2021

Full year / Semester 1 31 March 2021

Semester 2 14 July 2021

If joining outside of the usual dates, fee to be determined by the Enrolments


To pay your fees, click here.

Your responsibilities as a member

Of course you will supervise your children whilst at Playgroup, however please be aware of the following: 

  • For insurance purposes, there must be parents supervising children playing outside at all times. 

  • Woodend Playgroup is a Nut Free Zone.

  • Woodend Playgroup is a Smoke Free Zone.

  • We expect that you read and understand Woodend Playgroup Fire Plan and Evacuation. Procedures which are available at Playgroup or by email on request. 

  • You must sign in to Playgroup using the QR code at the front entrance each session and any visitors who may come with you.

  • It is a policy of the Woodend Playgroup that all children playing outside during the hotter months of the year wear sunscreen and an appropriate hat.

  • Please observe and adhere to our COVID-19 protocols as listed above.

Group leaders

We ask each group to nominate a group leader at the beginning of the year/semester or when the group is formed. She/he is a key member of the organisation and their role is to: 

  • Ensure members sign in using the QR code at the front entrance.

  • Ensure COVID-19 precautions are taken, particularly sanitising of hands, toys, surfaces and equipment, attendee limits, and social distancing.

  • Attend at least one committee meeting per term and communicate information to their group. 

  • Ensure cleaning duties are undertaken by the group and the facilities are left clean and tidy for the next group. 

  • Note down on the whiteboard in the kitchen any supplies that may need topping up. 

  • Other small administrative tasks from time-to-time, like collecting raffle books.

Although there is a group leader, we all know the best groups are those where everyone chips in without being asked! 

We ask each member to take the initiative with cleaning, vacuuming, checking notice boards for any correspondence from the committee and ensuring the premises are always locked (both the back door and two front doors) with lights and heater off before departing.


Currently Woodend Playgroup enjoys a high membership, so if a family fails to pay their fees for four consecutive weeks, their position may become vacant. 

If there is some unforeseen circumstance which prevents you paying your fees, please discuss this with your group leader and/or the Enrolments Officer and a decision will be made in relation to holding your position open for you. We will do our best to accommodate you.   

If you choose to not continue your membership with Woodend Playgroup please make contact with the Enrolments Officer at your first opportunity so we are able to make your position available to another member.


Woodend Playgroup is a voluntary organisation, financed and managed by its members. The success of Playgroup is therefore entirely dependent on its members. That is why we ask you to volunteer at least once a year.

The Playgroup Committee convenes on the second Tuesday of every month (unless a public holiday) at 7.30pm for a meeting and nibbles at the Playgroup centre.  

We encourage one member of each group to attend these meetings, however, all members are welcome to attend at any time. The more input and interest we have from our members, the more our Playgroup can grow and thrive.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year in December. All groups are encouraged to have a representative at this meeting. All Committee positions are declared open and are re-elected at this time. 

Woodend Playgroup is an Incorporated Association. The Rules, Statement of Purpose and Operating Procedures are available from the Secretary if you are interested. The names of all of the current Committee members are on display on the kitchen notice board at Playgroup and also on our website.


Decisions about immunising a child are wholly the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Playgroup Victoria supports the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia’s recommendations that all children should be immunised, unless there is a clear medical reason why this should not occur. Playgroups are not legislated in relation to this.

In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, un-immunised children may contract the disease and contribute to its spread. For the protection of their own health and the health of other children, it is recommended that these children not attend Playgroup during this time. Children under 6 months and pregnant women may also be at an increased risk in these circumstances and families should consider their attendance during this time.

Privacy of information

Information provided to Woodend Playgroup is used for the purpose of operating the Playgroup. Information is held by the Enrolments Officer and the Treasurer. Members email addresses are also used by the Secretary and President for the purposes of communicating information. 

From time-to-time, some information, such as names and phone numbers and/or email addresses, may be required by other members of the Playgroup Committee, for example the Events team may wish to remind you of an upcoming event. 

Families can access their own information by contacting either the Enrolments Officer or the Treasurer. Family and personal information is provided to Playgroup Victoria for Playgroup Victoria Family Membership, which is required by all Woodend Playgroup members for insurance purposes. Woodend Playgroup does not disclose family details or personal information to other third parties.


45 Forest Street Woodend Victoria 3442

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